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Road Rage

The Political Tool by David Perry describes how the bicycle has become a political tool, due to its social and egalitarian nature which serves all alike.

By the end of the 1970's Westway, the proposed $2 billion dollar highway planned for Manhattan's lower West side came close to being a reality. It was defeated by the ardent dedication and actions of environmentalists. A. Cortes spells it out in Westway: The End of The Road

Since December 1996, Right Of Way has stenciled over 250 "street memorials" to pedestrians and bicyclists killed by motor vehicles in New York City. Read about The Stencilling Project.

Earth First! + New York City = Carmageddon

An brief introduction to Critical Mass with New York meeting times.

Critical Mass 10/31/00 follows Critical Mass on a beautiful Halloween evening.

Fight for Oil "If you drive a big V8, it's time to celebrate, they're gonna fight a war for you"
--Dana Lyons

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