Thanks to the mounds of manure that have been continuously dumped upon the people of New York, the ashes of the old world will be sufficiently ripe for growing gardens of unimaginable proportions. As the fortified roots of the new flora spread rapidly under the earth's soil and rise up to strangle the tree of reason, the children will dance circles around disintegrating bulldozers. From there it is but a stones throw away to the universal garden in which humanity will discover that not only is there a beach beneath the paving stones, but under the asphalt lies...

Using nothing more than their minds Bill Weinberg and Pete Lamborn Wilson draw up some preliminary sketches for the realization and supression of Utopia. It is suggested that you do the same.

Bill Weinberg's wry modest proposal for a free Lower East Side.

Peter Lamborn Wilson's lush vision of New York "after the revolution."

Discuss your Utopian Vision.